LED Turn Signal Vest

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Be Safe And Seen At All Times

We believe that safety is the most important aspect of any journey. Your safety can be greatly improved by being clearly visible in all situation. If you or your children cycle then this is an essential bit of kit that you need. It allows you to be seen by other from up to 150 metres which could save your life in the future.
This vest has been developed to make the signals as clear as possible for road users. It allows you to signal 5 different warnings including turning left and right, stop, go and standby.
Designed to be extremely compact and light so it is effortless to wear and easy to store before or after use. The vest features adjustable straps so anybody can adjust it to fit their size perfectly and ride in comfort.



Easy to install

Simply clip the remote onto the handle bars and put the jacket on and your ready to go. Using the Turn Signal Jacket is as easy as pressing one button on the remote.

Clear signalling

5 different signals which make your intentions clear to all people - resulting in no confusion.

2.4G Detachable remote

A responsive remote with up to 3m transmission range means that operating the vest could be simpler.

Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery to remote locations, thank you.