High Pressure Mini Bicycle Pump

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  • Never Be Stranded With A Flat Tyre Again
  • High Pressured So You Can Inflate In Seconds
  • Extremely Compact To Allow You To Attach To Your Bicycle Or Carry In A Bag

Being Stranded With A Flat Tyre Is Every Cyclists Worst Nightmare

If you want to say goodbye to this worry then you need the High Pressure Mini Bicycle Pump. The mini pump is small enough to be carried with you wherever you go meaning you will never be without a pump. The pump comes with a clip to allow you to attach it to your bike frame for easy access but can also be carried in your bag or pocket. 

The pump is high pressured so that you can quickly inflate your tyre when you are in a rush or if you are stuck on the side of the road. The pump can be fitted with two different connectors meaning that there is no situation the pump cannot help with.

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