Unisex Anti-Slip Half Finger Cycling Gloves

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 Finding the right summer riding gloves for you can be a tricky task. You need a pair that is not only comfortable and offers good grip but also one that allows good ventilation and breathability to keep you cool. Well look no further our Unisex Anti-Slip Half Finger Cycling Gloves tick all the boxes. 

Uncompromised Usability

Our innovative glove design gives the rider unrivalled comfort with the use of ergonomically placed sponge shock pads. The pads work to absorb any movements from the handlebars to give the rider a smoother ride.
The design has been given great breathability thanks to the ventilation holes that allow heat and moisture to exit keeping your hands cool. Pull tabs fitted to the middle two fingers allow you to quickly and easily remove the gloves even when your hands have been sweating.
Modern Design
Taking design inspiration from spiders webs the modern design ensures that you will look great as well as feeling great
Anti-Slip Texture
Tiny studs on the palm of the glove give you the ability to grip over even the toughest terrain
Easily Put On And Removed
The velcro wrist strap allows for easy use and ensures the glove will stay exactly in place while the pull tabs give easy removal 
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